7 High Vibe Women Ceo’s Share One Good Thing That Came Out For Them During The Covid-19 Experience

At High Vibe CEO we are committed to sharing uplifting stories every day, that’s why we’ve asked 7 fabulous female entrepreneurs to share one good thing that came out for them from the Coronavirus experience. Here are their empowering insights:

I learned to FOCUS on what matters most! There really are enough hours in the day to be fruitful.

Wanda M. Coleman – Minister/Speaker/Author who empowers, educates and equips men and women for life and for service. Connect with Wanda on Facebook.

I found the silver lining. Everything happening right now is under a magnifying glass. How intense it may be, this too shall pass. Try wherever you can to focus on the silver lining and remember to breathe through all of it.

Susanne Grant is a Bestselling Author and Business Coach – she helps entrepreneurs and professionals implement their human design to significantly improve their work-life balance, mental health, relationships and profit/productivity. Connect with Susan on LinkedIn.

Found Clarity in the expression of my soul’s purpose and leading soulfully.

Abigail Mensahbonsu-Ulmer – Quantum Goddess coach, Divine Feminine Activator and a Multidimensional Healer who helps facilitates powerful transformations in her clients. Connect with Abigail on Facebook.

 I’ve decluttered my house!! Something that takes so much time and gets worse before it gets better! Been wanting to do this for years! Now the challenge is to keep it decluttered. I’ve been sleeping better since my house feels more zen!

Caroline K Claydon – Property investor, trainer and mentor. Connect with Caroline on Facebook.

I found a new courage to LET GO… and understanding that even in my weakest moments, I stand stronger than ever before.I choose to let go of the scraps of struggle in exchange for the sweetness of successful living. I choose to let go of the denial of dreams in exchange for the magnificence of manifesting limitless possibilities. I let go of what was for what could be…

Kristie Kennedy Ward – Image Confidence Expert at Queenfidence Image Consulting. She teaches timid women how to find their voice, free their voice and look fabulous using their voice. Connect with Kristie on Facebook.

I have stepped back from my habitual business model, and feel that I have returned to working from my heart rather than my head. I was so focused on trying to help as many women as possible that I lost my “WHY” I started in the first place. If I can aid just one woman in my time to enjoy an empowered, happy life then I have done what I believe is my calling.

Sue Cullen – Coach and motivational speaker. Connect with her on Facebook.

An opportunity to sit back and assess both of my companies expenses. COVID19 forced me to take a hard look at what was working with my companies and what wasn’t. Although sales are very much down to the ground, the future looks much brighter as I’ve found ways to increase overall longevity. No matter how bad your business falls due to this world crisis, every closed door, opens another bigger one!

Liz Moore – wedding planning expert at Liz Moore Destination Weddings. connect with Liz on Facebook.

I got the opportunity to empower some amazing women …I started a one month free Mindset Coaching program for 10 ladies and it has been amazing…

Murdock-Mcintosh Theresa – Mindset/Career Coach. Her passion is to uplift and empower women struggling with a scarcity mindset. Learn more about Theresa on Facebook.

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